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    Understanding Your Blood Pressure

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Blood pressure is a facet of health that can contribute to heart disease. This video discusses how your daily activities can help or hinder high blood pressure.

    Medication is not the only way to lower high blood pressure. You can improve your cardiovascular health with exercise. However, physicians have found that workplace activity is not enough to affect blood pressure levels. So if you engage in physically demanding tasks at work, you must still find time to exercise in your spare hours. Studies indicate that working out for a minimum of four hours each week outside of work can lower high blood pressure.

    High blood pressure often shows no signs, which is why getting regular checkups is essential to your health. Call Los Robles Hospital in Thousand Oaks at (877) 888-5746 to speak with a Consult-A-Nurse representative about your blood pressure concerns.

    How to Keep Cool When You Get Exercise in the Heat

    Last updated 3 months ago

    High summertime temperatures can quickly drain your energy. Worse, they can turn dangerous if you develop dehydration or heat stroke. Giving up your summer workout sessions can prove even more detrimental to your health, so key to exercising and staying safe is finding ways to keep cool. One way of avoiding the summer heat is to work out before the temperatures climb. If your mornings cannot accommodate your exercise needs, work out in the evenings after the sun has set. Also, wear attire that will let air reach your skin and whisk away sweat. Water helps to maintain a healthy internal body temperature as well, so make the regular intake of fluids a fundamental part of each exercise session.

    Could you recognize the signs of heat stroke? If not, now is the time to learn the symptoms of this potentially fatal condition. Call Los Robles Hospital in Thousand Oaks at (877) 888-5746 to speak with an associate about summertime dangers and how you can get the treatment you need for them with the help of our iTriage Symptom Checker.

    What All Expecting Parents Should Know About CMV

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Expecting parents want the best for their unborn babies. Taking steps such as keeping up with all prenatal appointments and refraining from smoking activities can help to ensure that newborns are healthy at birth. Parents should also take precautions to avoid CMV, or cytomegalovirus, a condition that can produce serious complications in newborns.

    CMV can spread through contact that transfers saliva, urine, or another bodily fluid. As a result, a man can pass the virus to his pregnant wife, and an expecting woman can give it to her baby. If both parents are healthy, they may not show any signs of infection, making it difficult to discern a problem. Should a baby contract CMV, they can suffer from multiple health concerns, including cerebral palsy, blindness, and deafness.

    If you are concerned about your risk for CMV, Los Robles Hospital can help. Our Family Birthing Center can direct you to the medical professionals who can answer your questions and test for CMV. For more information on this condition, contact one of our Thousand Oaks-based representatives at (877) 888-5746.

    Losing Weight the Healthy Way This Summer

    Last updated 3 months ago

    With months of gorgeous weather to take advantage of, summer is the perfect season to make a commitment to weight loss and better health. If you want to lower your number on the scale, keep in mind that some weight loss measures can do more harm than good. Los Robles Hospital in Thousand Oaks can help you cultivate a weight loss program that emphasizes healthy lifestyle changes for every season.

    Respect Your Physical Limits

    Exercise is a critical part of any weight loss regimen. Although this is true, you should beware of efforts that overextend your capabilities. During the hot summer months, you can quickly suffer from heat exhaustion and dehydration if you work out too long or too hard. A gradual increase in endurance, strength, and flexibility exercises is the ideal way to work toward your weight loss goals without risking dangers such as strained muscles or heat stroke.

    Aim for Long-Term Change

    Are you eager to begin enjoying the benefits of better health? Being motivated is key to making the necessary changes for weight loss, but it can also result in extreme tactics. For instance, deciding to cut your calorie intake by more than 500 calories a day or working out for multiple hours each afternoon may provide rapid physical changes; however, consider the safety and sustainability of these practices. Achieving a healthy weight is a lifelong objective, so start incorporating more manageable lifestyle habits that you can keep for several decades rather than several weeks.

    Discuss Your Weight Loss Plans

    Before making any alterations to your diet or exercise regimen, talk to your primary physician. They can determine which of your lifestyle behaviors require the most change and recommend the healthiest ways to improve them. If diet and exercise cannot provide the substantial weight loss you need, your doctor can also help you decide if bariatric surgery might be a viable alternative for a healthier future.

    Would you like to learn more about weight loss surgery? Then call Los Robles Hospital at (877) 888-5746 to speak with one of our Thousand Oaks-based associates about this safe surgical option for sustainable weight loss. You can also visit our website for additional details on our surgical weight loss services. 

    Summer Injuries to Watch Out for When You Head Outdoors

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Do you look forward to each summer as the chance to try out new and exciting activities? Given Southern California’s constant sunshine during the summer months, this season offers nearly 100 days of optimal weather for road and water sports. Before you begin planning your outings, Los Robles Hospital urges implementing summertime safety measures to avoid some of the most widespread warm weather medical emergencies.

    Suffering Skin Damage

    Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer, and sun exposure is a primary cause of it. Sunburns can increase the risk for this disease, so when you go outside, make sure you already have applied SPF sunscreen to every exposed part of your body. To ensure that your sunscreen can take effect as soon as you step outdoors, put it on at least 30 minutes before you plan to leave the house. Depending on the nature of your activities, you might also want to take a bottle of sunscreen with you for later usage.

    Having Heat Stroke

    Hot weather can make it more difficult for the body to regulate its internal temperature. Especially when you fail to keep your body hydrated, it can lose control of its cooling mechanisms. Should such a situation happen, heat stroke could occur. Heat stroke can be a deadly condition, which is why keeping your body temperature and hydration needs constant priorities is integral to your summertime safety.

    Experiencing Concussions

    Ordinary activities such as walking around your neighborhood or going down your basement stairs can result in a slip and fall accident and concussion. However, when you participate in activities such as diving or bike riding, you greatly increase your risk of experiencing a head injury. When possible, wear recommended safety equipment to create a barrier between your head and potential blunt trauma. Adhering to safety cautions such as not diving in swallow waters can also help to prevent this type of medical emergency.

    Preparation is the best way to prevent a summertime accident. If an accident does occur however, Los Robles Hospital is here for the times when even the best measures cannot preclude a summer burn or concussion. To find out more about our emergency medicine services for Thousand Oaks residents, call (877) 888-5746.

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